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Reference Number:P00053/12
Status:Petition Closed
Name of Petitioner:Mrs Catherine Doran
Petition Title:State Pension (contributory) Eligibility
Submitted By:Individual
Petition Text:Because of the gross unfairness in how my pension has been assessed I put my case to this committee. Many women and men of my age are now facing the same injustice. I qualify for transition pension Oct 2012. Estimate of my 'credits' provided by the Social Welfare was 34. Minimum of 48 are required for full pension. History: I joined the workforce in 1969 paying full insurance stamp and later PRSI until 1980. I rejoined the workforce in 1993 and remained in employment paying A1 PRSI until Feb 2012. Between 1979 and 1984 I had three children remaining at home as mother/carer until 1993. The children have all been working since they were 16-17 years old. These thirteen years 1980-1993 were included in working out my average credits BUT no credits were given for any of the years - hence the shortfall. My Case: My main point regarding this appeal is that while I spent thirteen years rearing the future taxpayers of this country I have lost out in my retirement pension rights. Instead of 230 euros a week I will receive 207 euros- a considerable sum in these times. I have been working all my adult life both inside and outside the home. I along with my husband have provided this state with three well educated, hard-working, tax paying citizens. There has been no recognition by the state for this - in fact the opposite applies I have been penalised for the 'at home' family years.

Historical Details

7)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:16 Oct 2013
6)Status:Deliberations By Committee
 Date:16 Oct 2013
5)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:26 Jun 2013
4)Status:Deliberations By Committee
 Date:26 Jun 2013
3)Status:For Consideration By Committee
 Date:17 Oct 2012
2)Status:Being Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
 Date:09 Oct 2012
1)Status:Being Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
 Date:03 Oct 2012

Published: 21 Oct 2013 16.27.32