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Reference Number:P00030/12
Status:Petition Closed
Name of Petitioner:Mr. Des Keane
Petition Title:Discrimination in law against those convicted of capital murder prior to 1990
Submitted By:Individual
Petition Text:The Courts have decided that Capital Cases that have been commuted prior to 1990 do not amount to a sentence,with the result that this small group of prisoners have no redress to Parole or Remission . In a Judicial review on the 15/4/2011 Justice Hanna stated '' The potential resolution lay outside the courts " The present situation is that this group of prisoners are locked out of the system. Article 40.1 of the Constitution cannot be invoked on equality as there is no similar case to compare with. As you are aware retrospection in Law is not possible so that in itself is a problem. In all past cases brought by these people the courts have clearly stated that they are not serving sentences so the courts wont intervene .In every sense of the word these people need to be given some hope going forward but always mindful of public reaction. Is it right and proper no matter what the offence is to allow these people to go in to old age with no prospect for parole or remission.

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9)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:20 Nov 2013
8)Status:Deliberations By Committee
 Date:11 Dec 2013
7)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:16 Oct 2013
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 Date:16 Oct 2013
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 Date:13 Feb 2013
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 Date:13 Feb 2013
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 Date:10 Oct 2012
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 Date:09 Oct 2012
 Date:14 Sep 2012

Published: 09 Dec 2013 17.51.16