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Reference Number:P00018/22
Status:Being Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
Name of Petitioner:Mr Donal O'Brolchain
Petition Title:Mark the centenary of the death of Arthur Griffith TD
Submitted By:Individual
Petition Text:We respectfully ask the Committee to mark the centenary of the death of Arthur Griffith TD by recommending a specially commissioned memorial in a public place, because Griffith 1. was a. President of the Dáil when he died on 12 August 1922; b. a major figure in the struggle for national independence; c. respected by opponents such as Harry Boland, Seán T. O’Kelly and Cathal O’Shannon. 2. long advocated a. that those elected to parliament in Ireland meet in Dublin instead of at Westminster; b. the fiscal freedom and economic development of Ireland; 3. founded a. The United Irishman weekly in 1899 and, later, other influential nationalist papers; b. The Sinn Féin movement in 1905; 4. led the Irish negotiators on the Treaty, which created our independent democratic state, now a Republic. We further ask that this new memorial be a sculpture a. based on the photograph of Griffith holding the hands of his daughter and son entering his home ( ) see below. It is very rare that political figures are shown with their children. b. doubly entitled "The Father of Us All" (Michael Collins) and “Hasn’t He Made Us All” (Harry Boland). see below We suggest that there are two places most suitable for this sculpture, i. the plaza in Dame Street, on the Fownes Steet side, near Griffith’s newspaper office; ii. O’Connell Street, as he was born and bred in the heart of Dublin and was frequently seen and photographed on its main street.

Published: 06 May 2022 12:30:38