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Current Details

Reference Number:P00069/12
Status:Petition Closed
Name of Petitioner:Mr Daire Queenan
Petition Title:Allow Irish overseas to vote
Submitted By:Individual
Petition Text:Provision should be made in law for Irish citizens who are overseas temporarily to vote by post from their overseas address. Given the number of electors overseas now during the economic downturn, some provision should be made for those who intend to return and would like to continue to have a say on how their country is run to cast their votes while away. This is the norm in many other European countries including the UK. This right should be for all elections, not just presidential elections as will be discussed by the Constitutional Convention.

Historical Details

5)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:01 May 2013
4)Status:Response From Department/Stakeholders/Ombudsman
 Date:01 May 2013
3)Status:For Consideration By Committee
 Date:21 Nov 2012
2)Status:Being Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
 Date:20 Nov 2012
 Date:14 Nov 2012

Published: 03 May 2013 16.08.36