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Reference Number:P00027/12
Status:Petition Closed
Name of Petitioner:John O'Sullivan
Petition Title:The fact that Employment Appeals Tribunal costs must be met be the complainant in the first instance
Submitted By:Individual
Petition Text:The abuse of the Employment appeals tribunal . The costs of bringing a complaint to the tribunal has to be paid by the complainant. The Employer is under no obligation to pay the award , The claimant then must persue the employer thru' the Courts for payment.

Historical Details

9)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:18 Sep 2013
8)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:18 Aug 2013
7)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:15 May 2013
6)Status:Deliberations By Committee
 Date:15 May 2013
5)Status:Deliberations By Committee
 Date:21 Nov 2012
4)Status:Response From Department/Stakeholders/Ombudsman
 Date:20 Nov 2012
3)Status:Decision Of The Committee
 Date:10 Oct 2012
2)Status:Being Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
 Date:09 Oct 2012
 Date:14 Sep 2012

Published: 26 Sep 2013 17.20.09