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Ref #Name of PetitionerPetition TitleStatus
P00046/23Fraher, Mr CillianReduction on the age of candidacy for all elections to 18 years of ageFor Consideration By Committee
P00045/23O Donoghue, Mr PeterAccept our cashFor Consideration By Committee
P00043/23Kelly, Ms MandyRequest for meeting on bilateral agreement between Irish Dept of Foreign Affairs and Egyptian government officials regarding child abductionFor Consideration By Committee
P00042/23Nugent, Mr CiaranGet Morahan back in Boyle CelticBeing Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
P00041/23McCullagh, Mr StevenGovernment of Ireland should recognise the State of PalestineBeing Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
P00040/23Szczesny, Mr Bartosz16 years of age legal limit to drive a carFor Consideration By Committee
P00039/23Boléo, Mrs MargaridaPetition for Disability Benefit Support Increase and Eligibility RevisionFor Consideration By Committee
P00038/23Zeke, Mr FlaknerThat a general election be held soon (changed from New order as per 09.11.23)Petition Closed
P00037/23Griffin, Ms KatherineLong-Term illness scheme reviewed to include all lifelong illnesses & Medical card made available to all cancer patients and survivorsBeing Examined For Compliance With Standing Orders
P00036/23Lambert, Mr. AidanInvincibles Reinterment CampaignDeliberations By Committee
P00035/23Hollingsworth, Mr AlfieStop The Irish Government's Proposal to Cull 200,000 CowsDecision Of The Committee
P00034/23PUJOL, Mr CarlesIrish State to support Catalan and or the Basque language being made an official EU languagePetition Closed
P00033/23McWeeney, Mr. FionnCarrick On Shannon Tree RemovalDeliberations By Committee
P00030/23Quinn, Mr BrendanCreate a walking and cycling greenway on the closed railway from Sligo to AthenryDeliberations By Committee
P00029/23McKenna, Mr. JustinA petition to seek the reduction of the size of Russia's diplomatic representation in IrelandFor Consideration By Committee
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